Activate awareness

Graduated as a visual artist and art therapist, I have increasingly focused on spirituality and personal development. That is also a study for me, daily and practical. With this applied knowledge and from practical experience I know how to highlight and bring out the intrinsic power and specific qualities of people. Every time it is a special experience to provide insight into change processes and set stagnations in motion. A deep experience of inner peace, years ago, has led me to bring others into contact with it too; to connect with authentic power and live from there. Activating awareness ... that's what I live for! By clicking on the photos below you will come to different websites. These give an impression of my live and development.

Inspiration book for inner peace

In 2019 I wrote the 'Inspiration book for inner peace'. It was commissioned, from the collaboration of Peace in the Park with Just Peace: “Go into the city with that inner peace”! With the aim of highlighting the meaning of inner peace in clear, simple language and experience-oriented. Both the book and the accompanying workshop highlight the dynamic and practical side of inner peace. In seven steps you will be inspired and activated to do something with it yourself. Thus peace comes alive ...

Peace in the Park

As co-founder and inspirer of the Peace in the Park Festival in The Hague and in collaboration with other organizations, I give peace a tangible form in the city of peace and justice. Peace in the Park is an annual festival in the Palace Garden where inner peace is central. Experiencing inner peace, in harmony with yourself and your environment, is what matters and the frequently heard feedback from visitors is: "If only it could always be like this".

Brahma Kumaris

Awareness and personal development are central to my life. The search for meaning and coherence brought me to Brahma Kumaris. Finding answers and practical tools has ensured that more than 30 years later, I still meditate and study there. Spirituality and its application in my daily life give me so many new possibilities, insights and experiences that I like to share it with others. For 20 years, I have been shaping - together with others - all programs and activities of the Hague Brahma Kumaris center and I maintain the networks that result from this.

Arts therapist

As an arts therapist and visual coach I guide people who want or need to take a new step personally and / or professionally and who can use signposts. To this end, I founded BaanBeeld in 2008: a practice that provides support for development questions and awareness processes in life and work. Visual work appeals to the right hemisphere of the brain, the 'feeling': where the head can rationalize and maintain a few things, there is instinctively set in motion!